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How to Post an Ad

Posting an ad on Ownai is hassle-free. For a step-by-step guide, please follow the instructions below.

Before you post, ensure you have signed into your registered Ownai account by selecting “Sign In”.

To post an ad:

Simply click the orange “POST FREE AD” button:

  • Select Category;
  • Add Title, Photos & Description;
  • Fill in some more information about your ad;
  • Select your location;
  • Submit Ad!

Your ad will appear on the site as soon as our moderation team completes their review. This usually takes 30mins during office hours. Ads posted during weekends or public holidays will be reviewed the first working day thereafter. You’ll receive an SMS confirmation when your ad goes live.

If your ad violates our posting rules it will be rejected. You’ll receive an SMS to aware you of this. You should then edit your ad and ensure it adheres to our posting rules. Alternatively you can use the "Contact Us" at the bottom of the website to enquire further.

Adding Images

Adding images to your ad gets your ad noticed. Get that camera ready!

To add images:
  • From the "Post Your Ad" page, click on the "Select Images" button.
  • Choose the images you'd like to use in your ad.

Please ensure your images meet our specified requirements for size and dimension.

How long are Ads Active?

Ads on are visible for 60 days and may be reposted within 7 days prior to the 60-day expiration date.

Ads may only be reposted once. If you want to advertise your product(s) after you have already reposted it, and it expires again, you will have to re-create your ad (use the “POST FREE AD” button).

How to Post an Effective Ad

It is easy to post an ad online quickly, but to maximize your effort, consider the many ways your ad might be improved upon for better results. There are many factors to creating an effective classified ad. Here are a few tips from our experts: 

 Use an attention-grabbing title.

Create a title that will get your ad noticed by others and an apt description that uses key words or phrases which someone might use when searching for the item you are selling. How effective an internet ad is depends very strongly on the ability of potential buyers to locate the posting. The more detail you can provide on the item, the higher the quality of the leads will be.

A picture says a thousand words.

Ads with photos receive higher quality, more serious replies than those without. Adding well lit, good quality images to your ad will go a long way in creating buyer interest. Unlike newspaper classifieds, there is no cost to post a picture on Ownai, so take advantage and include images on your ads to maximize both free and paid advertising.

Double-check your city and category.

It is important to ensure that you post your ad to the correct city and category. If your ad is miscategorized, interested parties may have a difficult time locating it. For example, if your item is located in Mutare, but you posted it in Gweru, no local people will see your ad, and making a sale will be very difficult.

Make sure your price is in line with the current market.

People expect used items to be significantly lower in price than new items. Conducting a price comparison on Ownai can help you ensure your item is in line with the current market. Simply type the name of your item in the Ownai search engine to view similar ads and their prices.

Pay a little, get a lot!

Sometimes, an ad might just need a little boost to receive the exposure it deserves. Free classifieds are a great start, but if you are motivated towards increasing exposure, consider upgrading your free advertisement with a paid feature

Identical twins are cool.  Identical ads are not.

If you’re selling the exact same item in a variety of colours, shapes or sizes, please post one ad with all of the different choices in the ad – not one ad for each item.  Having to filter through a bunch of ads for the same product is a sure way to frustrate a potential buyer – and lose a sale. 

Best of luck, and happy selling!

How can I repost my Ad

Ads on are visible for 60 days and may be reposted once within 7 days prior to the 60-day expiration date.

Go to your "My Account" link at the top of the page (or via the menu on Mobile) and click on "My Ads". You will see a list of your ads. Ads that are eligable for reposting, will have the "REPOST" button active. You can use that to repost your ad.

If an ad is not eligable for reposting, the button will not work and you will have to wait until 7 days prior to the 60-day expiration date to repost it. You will also receive an SMS 7 days prior to the 60-day expiration date containing a link which you may click on to have the ad reposted.

How to Promote My Ad

Want more eyes on your ad? Here’s how to make it happen!

  • Select “Login” to log into your My Ownai account. 
  • Select desired Ad.
  • Click “Promote My Ad”.
  • Check box with desired package and read about what each feature offers, review pricing.
  • Read and accept terms and conditions.
  • Enter EcoCash number to be debited and submit ad.
  • Confirm transaction by entering EcoCash pin on your mobile and the payment will be confirmed within 10 seconds.
  • Your Ad will automatically be promoted.
Please note

To learn more about features/premium ads, click here.

You must now register your account in order to manage and delete your ad. Learn more about registration.

Benefits of Promoting Ads

Did you know that ads with paid features typically receive more views than ads without? That’s because paid features offer optimal placement and unique characteristics to help your ad stand out!

More views on your ads can lead to more replies and a faster sale or transaction.

Bump Up: Ads on the first page get noticed more often. Bump your ad back up to top of the first page.

Urgent: Let others know you want to sell quickly!

Highlight: Highlight your ad in orange to make it stand out from the crowd.

Top Ad: Reach more people by having your ad in the top section of its category for 7 or 28 days.

Homepage Gallery Ad: Have your ad placed on the Ownai homepage to be seen by thousands of people every day.

Cost of Promoting Ads

Top Ad

On top of the world!  When you purchase the Top Ad feature, your ad will be placed not only in the regular listings, but a second copy will also be placed in the Top Ad section, which can be found at the top of a category listings page.  Because it is displayed in two separate locations, it has much better exposure.

This popular section will display up to 3 Top Ads at a time.  If there are more than 3 purchased in that category, they will then rotate evenly each time the page is loaded in order to ensure equal visibility.   As for your ad which appears in the regular section of the category, it will not change position in the listings unless you choose to purchase a Bump Up.

To be clear, your featured Ad will rotate among the other Top Ads in the Top Ad section, while your ad in the regular section will continue down the listings as usual.  

Because of their prominent position within the category, more people read and reply to these ads! Simply put, buying a Top Ad is the best way to help sell your item!

You have the option of purchasing a Top Ad for 7 or 30 days, depending on the category. This option is available when you post or edit your ad, in a drop down box shown in the features table.

Bump Up

Back on top!  A Bump Up pushes your ad from its current position in the listings (for example, page 5) and places it back at the top of the first page, where it will gain better exposure in its category and in any relevant searches.  It’ll remain at the top until another Ownai ad is posted or bumped up, at which point your ad will move down accordingly. As such, it doesn’t keep it on the front page indefinitely.

Please Note
  • The Bump Up feature will reset the post date of your ad however, it won't extend the life of your ad. 
  • Bump Ups can be purchased for ads in all categories. 

Stand out from the crowd! The Highlight feature will highlight your ad in orange in both the search and category listings. This makes your ad stand out against other ads in the category to help gain more visitors and replies. 

Please Note
  • The Highlight feature does not change the position of your ad in the general listings

In a hurry to sell? The Urgent feature can be used to indicate when you have priced your item for a quick sale. Ads with the red Urgent banner stand out from all others because of their different look.

Please Note
  • The feature does not change the position of your ad in the general listings.
  • Ads marked Urgent will include the red banner for a period of one week after the date of purchase.
Homepage Gallery

There’s no place like home. The Homepage Gallery feature upgrades your ad so that a second copy appears in the Homepage Gallery. This is a special section at the top of the Ownai Homepage (before you select a category) where ads are prominently displayed for greatest visibility. 

This option is available for purchase on desktop and mobile devices (via your browser), however it is not viewable on the Ownai app.  This popular feature can be purchased from the My Ads section of My Ownaifor an existing ad or at the bottom of the post ad form when you post a new ad.  

Please Note
  • The Homepage Gallery feature does not change the position of your ad in the general listings.
  • Your ad must have at least one picture uploaded in order to use this feature.
  • The Homepage Gallery only shows up to 4 ads at a time. If there are more ads than can be displayed, you can refresh the page or click an arrow to the right of the ads to see more.
Deleting My Ad

To delete an ad, please follow these steps:

  • Sign In to your Ownai account at the top of the Ownai Homepage. 
  • In the drop down menu next to Hello {Your Name}, choose Posts. Simply click the Delete link next to the ad you would like to remove.

Don’t get someone’s hopes up!  Please remember to delete your ad if it’s no longer current.

Please Note

You must register your account in order to manage and delete your ad.

Editing My Ad

To edit an ad, please follow these steps:

  • Sign In to your Ownai account at the top of the Ownai Homepage. 
  • In the drop down menu next to Hello {Your Name}, choose Posts. Simply click the Edit link next to the ad you would like to remove.
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